Sony Release AtracTable – An Attractive Coffee Table To Slap Microsoft Surface

In Stuttgart, Germany, Sony showed off their latest coffee table codenamed as AtracTable. This AtracTable will be available sometimes in June next month and it might be the biggest attack to Microsoft Surface Coffee Table.


Sony AtracTable has the similar functionalities as Microsoft Surface such as gesture interactions, and it can connect/interact with various kind of mobile devices placed on the 35-inch interactive touch display.

Sony AtracTable touch display has already support full HD and it has a higher contrast level than the one from its competitor. Sony even claimed that their AtracTable can identify the user by age, gender, and even their ’emotions’.

Emotion is the most complex things we human have. So, to be able to recognize it is pretty cool and amazing. According to TechChee, Sony AtracTable also coming with a pair of Sony ISS XCD-V60 camera that take roles in generating 3D images. Oh my, has the holographic interaction age coming soon? :)

[Pocket-Lint, Coated via TechChee]

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