Intel Z6 Atom Processor: Exclusive CPU For Tablets And Smartphones


Intel has set their Atom processor down to the mobile device, where in the future, you can see Intel Atom (Z6) CPU embedded on tablets and smartphones.

The Intel Atom Z6 is known as ‘Moorestown’, where it is a single core processor that can run at 1.9Ghz max core clock speed. To support this new Intel Atom Z6 CPU, Intel is showing off a new device that has come embedding the CPU.

The device is called “Aava Mobile”, which is a smartphone that has the look of Blackberry bold, but it has 3.8-inch screen powered with Atom Z6 1.5Ghz CPU.

As for tablet device, Intel revealing OpenPeak tablet that featuring 7-inch touchscreen, and carrying the fastest processor 1.9Ghz of Intel Z6 CPU.

There is no benchmark score yet so no one know how it will perform in tablets and smartphones. But hopefully, multitasking will become easier on such a media tablet and smartphones.

[via Cnet]

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