Seagate GoFLex New Family Of Storage System


Seagate, after their FreeAgent series successive battle in the market, has now entering another new line of storage solution called “GoFlex”.

What’s special in this Seagate GoFlex? According to the press release, Seagate GoFlex is made as the second generation or the evolution of the FreeAgent External hard drive. It’s a new drive system that featuring flexibility of data storing, which capacity ranging from 320GB to 2TB.

Seagate GoFlex come in a massive amount of choices of capacity and color tastes, as well as a handful of new GoFlex cables, adapters and storage system. This Seagate GoFlex is really Go-Flexible, where you can adapt to the interface with the interchangeable adapter/cable on device that you need.

Seagate GoFlex external hard drives is compatible with both Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7) and Mac OS X system.

More information about the press release is available at Geeky Gadgets.
[via PCworld]

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