24-Carat Thief-Attracting All Gold Macbook Air Mod

You might have seen the all gold Xbox 360 console mod, now gold rushes has made the popular Macbook Air into one of the all gold gadget, too!


The Gold Macbook Air is really shinning. It has coated with 24-carat gold, named as SUPREME FIRE, a name where most people will ask “why FIRE?”


It’s certainly no description from the creator why name it with FIRE instead of GOLD. But you might just be playing with fire if you want to one this thief-friendly gold coated Macbook Air. For dressing up the logo, the creator uses 53 individual 25.5 carats of ‘I’F’ flawless diamonds studded on to the apple logo.


The overall transformation has added some weight into this portable macbook air laptop. The total weight after adding the gold layer is 2,600 grams. No pricing details, but never hope to get one if you are low or mid-earner that live on paycheck to paycheck. Oh well… Count me out!

[via LuxuryLaunches]

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