iPad Kitchen Cabinet: When Smart Kitchen Dwellers Knows How To Turn Their Kitchen Into A Hi-Tech Ground


Yep, the title say it all. It’s the result when iPad met with a smart kitchen dweller. Alan Daly, the smart guy in this modding has show off his magnificent skill to turn his warm-heart kitchen into a high-tech kitchen (with love). He used a jigsaw cutters to dig a hole in his cabinet in his kitchen, and turn the blank face cabinet door into a touch-interactive surface where he can browse the web searching for tasty receipt for cooking (I guess the primary purpose would be to search for cooking receipts).

He is actually using his cabinet door to be the “case” of his iPad. To minimize the risk, Alan Daly has prepared a replacement cabinet door in case his project failed him. Although his wife thought he was nuts to cut and make hole in her kitchen out of sudden, but with God’s bless, The iPad Kitchen Cabinet Mod is successful and his final result is magnificent! I’m sure his wife will love him even more thanks to his simple DIY project. :)

Oh, did I heard someone saying “I want to make one too, for my mom as a Mother’s Day Gift!” ? I guess this will be a great gift idea to help moms go hi-tech! 😀

[via Tuaw]

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  • Wow, looks cool! Thanks for the video. I think, it`s a great idea, though a bit freaky. Especially it would match high-tech interiour of a kitchen. It seems to me that iPads soon will be installed everywhere) Some already wear it as an accessory, mount it into a car etc. What will be next?)

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