MIT Researchers Successfully Print Solar Cell on Paper


The green energy is believed to the the only way to save the world and recover from the global warming. That’s why lots of governments has started to see the urge to do funding on researchers to improve and develop a better solar cell option to convert sun energy into a usable energy.

The Scientists and Researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has successfully turning a paper into a functional solar cell by printing technology using Carbon-based dyes and the solar cell is about 1.5 to 2 percent efficient at converting Sun’s energy into electricity.

Susan Hockfield, MIT’s president, and Paolo Scaroni, CEO of Italian oil company Eni, on Tuesday officially dedicated the Eni-MIT Solar Frontiers Research Center. Eni invested $5 million into the center, which is also receiving a $2 million National Science Foundation grant, said Vladimir Bulovic, the center’s director.

This result has pushed the manufacturing cost to a lower level, and it also has dramatically change the look, the weight and its efficiency. [CNET]

[via WInarco]

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