Seagate’s ExpressCard Slot to USB 3.0 Port Adapter Kit


Seagate has just created a brand new solution offering you to turn your unoccupied ExpressCard slot into a usable high-speed new standard USB 3.0 port instantly. The Adapter has no brandable name yet, all we have known is Seagate has a new ExpressCard Slot to USB 3.0 converter adapter where it can be used together with Seagate’s latest GoFlex Flexible Storage System introduced earlier.

The Seagate adapter will get power from your existing USB 2.0 port to supply the addition power needed to detect any fast moving USB 3.0 gadgets such as flash drives. Similar to any USB 3.0 transfer speed standard, Seagate ExpressCard Slot to USB 3.0 port converter can provide a “10 times” faster transfer speed than the conventional USB 2.0 port.

More detail please read DViCE.

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