LightLeaf: A Glowing Book Divider Double As Reading Lamp [Concept]

LightLeaf concept is one of the coolest book divider concept that I have ever seen so far. I have seen quite a few of book divider and reading lamp, and most of them has a separated light source or the illumination is not properly distributed to the entire surface. LightLeat is different. Designed by Valentina Timani, and it’s named as LightLeaf – the Lamp Bookmarker.


This LightLeaf lamp bookmarker concept is really cool. Beside it help you read book in the dark, it will act as your illuminated bookmarker. It’s pretty similar to the Bookmark Lamp or the super slim LED page light. But LightLeaf capable of distributing the lights evenly on each mm of the surface which make it a good reading light source in the dark.

Although I don’t recommend you to read on a dime light (bad for your eyes), it might be a great for some emergency situations.


It’s glowing, so by logical thinking, it should have some type of power source. According to Valentina Trimani the designer, LightLeaf will be powered by a small size rechargeable battery, and it can be recharged wirelessly. I know WiFi charger is now existed, but can this thin layer of book divider installed with that new technology?

Unless it has some type of port to hook up with the Airnergy Charger, It’s pretty impossible to stuffed that new technology into a thin layer. :)

[Yanko Design via TCG, Unplggd and Valentina Trimani]

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  • Huh? Why does it cast as much light right into your face as it does onto the page? What purpose does that serve except to blind you so that you canít see anything?

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