Water Filter: Homedics RWS-100 Restore Clean Water System

homedics-rws-100-water-purifierEspecially in the third world, water system that we are consuming each day is not really that clean because of the improper water filtering and processing. So, we tend to need an additional standalone expensive water filter to keep the water clean and usable.

I do wish out country has such kind of water filter as Homedics RWS-100 water purifier system that could remove 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.99% of microbial cyst from government supplied water via UV technology. The best of this water filter is the price that cost $81.99 only if you want to own one, and the shape is really nice looking in a form of a jar, instead of large fiber tube that make us feel in threat…

Unfortunately, this Homedics RWS-100 water purifier is not available in our country. It’s on sale on Amazon right now, but there is no way for them to send one for me. :)

Well, I guess lots of company lately has realized that water filter can be as pretty as Homedics RWS-100 and hopefully I can find the alternative similar to this water filter to clean our water in an aesthetic way.

According to Amazon, this water filter/purifier can reduce heavy metals, Chlorine (tasts and odor) or some industrial/agricultural pollutants. For more information, please head on to Amazon.

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