Nintendo 3DS To Gets 3D On/Off Switch


The rumors has been spreading like wild fire about the Nintendo 3DS 3D capability with glasses-free 3D Screen. So up to date, Nintendo’s lips stay muted on the speculations, but we have heard the newest rumor about the probability of Nintendo 3DS to get an ON – OFF Switch for the 3D function where gamers can goes back to the 2D environment when they are tired of the eye popping effects.

Since some fact has pointed out that Nintendo 3DS will use the Parallax barrier technology on their 3D screen, this kind of ON/OFF switch might not working properly since the parallax barrier is coming in a multiple layer of screen by default to make object visible as 3D objects.

Well, again it’s just a speculation and rumors. There is no solid ground to stand on this information yet. We’ll keep you reported with Nintendo 3DS news update.

UPDATE: Nintendo 3DS will also get a tighter DRM anti-copying features. Which mean it will be harder to make any backup copy of the games and saved data. However, It might just take some time before a hacker to break into the core releasing the DRM. Well, well…

[via TechRadar]

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  • Sankalp G

    Have to agree with the DRM line. Nintendo clammed that DSi will have tighter DRM but it was cracked in just 1 week. If Nintendo goes for a Sony PSP Go then perhaps hackers get a roadblock but will damage sales as Sony has proved. I am betting that it will take around 2 weeks at the most for something like R4 3D to pop up.

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