Bang Bang Egg Toaster Concept By Lo Chi Di

Ever heard of bread toaster, but never heard about anything like this Egg toaster. I’m outdated, perhaps, but this concept is an interesting concept for boiling eggs.


Designed by Lo Chi Di who’ve submitted his work to YankoDesign, this Bang Bang Egg Toaster might looks like a revolver gun with the egg as the bullets. The device would cook 4 eggs at a time, and the middle tip would be the timer that you can set how long you are gonna cook the eggs.

According to the designer, you’ll need to add some water to the device to “steam” the egg. Oh, so it is a steamer?



Once the water get heated properly, the steam will rise up to from the 4 holes, and the eggs will pop-up when cooked. Looks Interesting for egg lovers, however, concept remains as a concept only. No real product has been manufactured yet so don’t ask me when you can get one. :)

[Yanko Design via Geeky Gadgets]

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