APad – The Android iPad

China is really the top notch gadget cloning master. No matter what’s the shape and look, they can make one for themselves easily. Recently, the they’ve also created their own iPad called APad, an android running iPad clone that looks pretty promising and cheap.


Created by Moonse, although the quality is not as good as the original Apple iPad, APad the Android tablet (also known as the iRobot – nope not that floor cleaning robot!) is designed to look just like the popular iPad tablet.

APad has 7 inch touchscreen display that can display up to 800 x 480 while staying on 16:9 wide screen ratio. APad can detect WiFi 802.11a/b/g but not the latest N-frequency. The APad android tablet comes with 128MB of RAM and for storage you get the option of either 2GB or 4GB. If you feel it’s insufficient, a microSD card slot is here to help. You can expand the size up to 32GB and as long as you’ve got money to spend for a spare 32GB microSD card, you’ll have unlimited storage capacity. :)

For web browsing, APad uses Chrome browser from Google, and the OS also capable of reading any type of PDF document, as well as Word and Excel documents.

As I’ve mentioned above, APad is very cheap when compared with iPad. This tablet will cost you $199 only. You can find it at Chinagrabber, but we cannot guarantee you the quality as we haven’t tested it yet.

[via Gadgetlite and SlipperyBrick]

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  • Lucy

    Comparations are stupid. The SciPad is the best company i ever seen. Merchandising as T-Sirts… devices with 3G, WiFi, HDMI (soon), Android 2.1 (multi-task), 10.2 touch….
    And they are going to launch “The SciBoard” and “The SciMouse”… Price is 1/3 than iPad and OS is much better. Apad, iPed, irobot… all rubish…
    Look the difference: http://www.importandgo.com/SciPad.php
    This is a multinational company, they are in 5 countries from 3 continents. Please, I’m user of an i80+

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