Dell Studio XPS 7100 AMD Powered Desktop


AMD is getting more attention from Dell because they have just debuted their latest Studio XPS 7100 with AMD CPU intact. The Dell Studio XPS 7100 desktop will be coming with AMD best performance processor such as Athlon and Phenom series, and the desktop system will get Radeon HD 5000 series GPU treatment.

Apparently, Dell Studio XPS 7100 is using a chic silver chassis design and 460Watts of power supply. The power is enough for you to install even a hexa-core processor, and capable of holding up to 4TB or hard drive. For the maximum specification, Dell Studio XPS 7100 can hold 16GB of RAM, Up to Radeon HD 5870, Blu-ray drive, and it has already come with USB 3.0 and HDMI output by default.


You can expect to see Dell Studio XPS 7100 AMD desktop to sell for $699 (starting price) on You can read the hands-on review at Engadget or PCMag.

UPDATE: New Price! Dell Studio XPS 7100 basic model’s pricing is now $499 only ($200 cheaper)!

[via Dell]

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