Eminent EM4080 Network USB Hub

USB hub is not just a hub for your own PC anymore. There are a lot of company who’ve produced a USB hub that could be connected directly to your home LAN network to share USB devices to the entire network easily. We have seen some of them (Belkin, Logitec, GreenHouse), and the latest one has been introduced by Eminent, the EM4080 Network USB Hub.


Eminent EM4080 is manufactured by Netherlands company, and they’ve just made their announcement of this EM4080 USB network hub. The Ethernet USB Hub has 4 USB 2.0 ports, and one ethernet port with DC port and reset button.

All you have to do is to hook it up with your network LAN cable, and magically all of your PC in the network can access to the USB devices plugged onto the Network USB Hub. Practical and easy.

[via Eminent]

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