Hold On Tight Bookshelf – Need No Standalone BookEnds

A bookshelf without vertical shelf to hold book vertically is sometimes pretty annoying. If you are not carefully arrange your books, they will just drop like a dead body from the first to the last. That’s why a Bookends is coming to the rescue, giving the other end a place to lean on. However, you will need to get a standalone bookends for this purpose. The one stone two birds solution is to have some bookshelf like this Hold On Tight Bookshelf by Colleen & Eric.


This bookshelf is pretty unique because it has a movable cube block that will act as a built-in bookends without the need to find any standalone bookends. Well, although you can make some variation to it, but the idea is to help you organize your book easier without 3rd party accessories. Hold On Tight Bookshelf is available in Beech, Walnut and Oak wood. If you are interested, contact Colleen and Eric for the pricing details.

[via 2DayBlog, Swiss Miss and LikeCool]

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