The First 3D HD Camera For Mobile Devices

Instead of going big, Sharp has gone small by developing the World’s first tiny 3D HD Camera for mobile phone or other mobile devices such as camera, MID, handheld games and tablet device.


Sharp has been pretty aggressive in developing 3D related products lately. This shown by their latest 3D Touch screens, 3D e-book reader and world’s first four-primary 3D display. With this 3D HD Camera, you can take 3D photos, record 3D videos in HD 720p mode, and it seems the result will be viewable only if the gadget/display has supported 3D technology. Normal display screen might see a dual-layered image as the result was taken from dual-lens camera.

Well, no full detail release yet so we are just guessing around here. According to the source, this 3D HD camera for mobile devices will begin manufacturing on July this year. We believed that Sharp will soon to integrate all of their mobile devices with this technology. So if you are planning to buy a 3D-enabled portable device with Sharp brand, I suggest you to wait for awhile.

[Via CruchGear]

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