Pros and Cons: Sony VAIO P-Series Portable Laptop


Sony VAIO P-series laptop is probably the smallest widescreen laptop that has 8-inch LED Backlit screen only. Its design is very slim, pocket-friendly and experienced users stated that This little guy is performing very wll on wireless connection. It has 802.11N support, 3D WWAN and GPS module installed inside the slim body. For the general specs (Compare the specs), Sony VAIO P laptop has got 60GB of HDD, or you can choose a model with 64GB or 128GB SSD media storage. Sony VAIO P is running on Windows VIsta, and instant-on feature is also available.

The following is the complete list of Pros and Cons that we collected from several resource. It will show you Sony VAIO P-Series benefits and downsides in a quick glance:

The Pros – Benefits of Sony VAIO P-Series Laptop:

  • Can display up to 1600 x 768 on 8-inch screen, which is very impressive for a small screen
  • Very small, slim, lighweight and pocketable
  • good Wireless-N (802.11N) connectivity
  • Instant-on Sony XMB – Useful for checking email, browse web, etc. without booting the system
  • Has the usual chic and sleek VAIO design
  • 4 Hours battery life time or 8 hours via heavy duty battery
  • The keyboard button is pretty finger-friendly and usable
  • Has GPS connection – Useful for GPS driving directions
  • Has 3G wireless data connectivity
  • built-in accelerometer for displaying websites, ebooks or so on for more natural portrait mode

The Cons – Disadvantages of using Sony VAIO P-Series Laptop:

  • It’s Vista – the resources hungry OS
  • Pretty expensive in its class
  • No Linux version available
  • No trackpad/touchpad
  • Cannot playback video beyond 320 x 240 pixels resolution – The result would be very poor
  • No Mpeg4 or DivX file format supported on XMP
  • Thanks to the slim and tiny size, no won’t find a palm rest on this laptop
  • Need to pay extra $60 for VGA and Ethernet port
  • The display with setting to the highest resolution would be painful to see and read


Note: You can also check out Sony VAIO P-Series’ Inner beauty on this post (a Teardown).

Bottom Line?

Sony VAIO P-Series is very small, so it’s natural for the device to display something in a small size, too! The most common complaint I’ve heard is the displayed icons, texts, and images are too tiny to read with bare eyes. So it’s not recommended to get Sony VAIO P-Series for reading ebooks unless you zoom it a couple of times until you can see it clearly in the range of 30 cm.

However, this little beast is pretty fast in making a connection to the web. Whenever your home network or nearest hotspot has the N-wireless connection, you can speeding the max although you are using battery mode.

The most inconvenient fact carried by this device is the Vista OS. This well-known OS is very hungry of resources and tend to slow down the loading (boot or shutdown) time. But Sony has included an ‘instant-on’ feature, so if you just want a quick access to the web for checking email or reading some news, you can get yourself up and running in the web in less than 10 seconds or so.


Currently, Sony VAIO P-Series is priced at about $750+ (depend on the model – You can compare the price on our comparison engine). It’s expensive, I know. But that’s how a branded product priced these days. :)

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  • Nana Sackey

    I took off Windows Vista off my Sony Viao P530N\Q and installed Windows 7. Somehow I lost the XMB Application in the process.

    Where can I get the Sony XMB Application Software to re-install so i can go back to using the XMB button again?



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