Reevu Helmets: The First Motorbike Helmet With Built-in Rear Mirror

I’m sure a lot of motorbike fans are going to love this new helmet from Reevu. Just released, a new motorbike helmet that has a built-in rear mirror. So, other than the two mirrors on the bike to see the left-right side, you can now get the full rear view just like car’s rear view mirror!


This Reevu Helmet should be the first motorcycle helmet to have such a wonderful rear view mirror. The mirror require no electronic devices and no battery needed to activate the functionality. The rear view mirror is purely a reflective policarbonate mirror that gives the wear an insight of what’s moving on their back using Reevu special designed helmet structure.

Inside the helmet you can find a multiple reflective mirror that placed on an accurate degrees to properly transfer the rear view image to the front side mirror. It’s super cool, that’s why Reevu Helmets cost a bit higher than any helmet you’ve ever seen.

The MSRP of Reeve Helmets is £249 or about $375 equivalent price.

[Product Page via Winarco and The Cool Gadgets]

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  • Wearing helmets is really a must. That is why Dalia Rose Gentallan and Dexter Lamparas are wearing Zeus helmets.

  • This is a really good idea or at least it would seem so. I would have to try it out before I would actually spend that type of money. I hope to see one soon.

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