Cool Decoration: Matteo Cibic’s New Domsai Designs

If you have read our post about Domsai, you might figure out instant what a Domsai is all about. The designer Matteo Cibic email me about the new design of Domsai, which is yet another cool decoration for our home and rooms.


Matteo Cibic loves designing bizzarre, oddly shaped objects.
Most of them will never see the light, others are produced as one-of-a-kind prototypes or in limited editions of 5 to 15 pieces.

There are three models, a cactus, plant and flower. All of them are handmade in Italy, with Ceramic & Pirex as the main materials. They will cost your at least $490 and at highest $610 + shipping cost to your country. In case if you are interested, head over to Matteo Cibic page at CargoCollective to find out how to buy one for your home.

[Thanks, Matteo!]

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