Imeuble – The Optical Illusion Shelves Concept

We have seen a Modular shelves that could be used as a room divider, but it’s first to see a modular shelves looking (but not a modular one though!) that has successfully make me dizzy just by looking at the picture. Look at the following picture for details:


Did your eyes hurt or just crossed?! Well, that’s the magic of this optical Illusion shelves concept introduced by Bjorn Jorund Blikstad. I guess the designer mind is so “dizzy” that he designed such an mind-tricking eye-dizzying shelves that built into the wall. This Optical Illusion Shelves concept is called Imeuble, shelves that has a flat surface to the wall but looks 3D at the same time. The design is look like a beehive, with the hole as the place to store your junks.

The storage is going deep into the wall, so if you want to DIY to make this kind of optical illusion shelves, you should have the ability to make a proper holes into your wall, and know how to create / paint your wall similar to the optical illusion illustration.

Even if you don’t want to use it as a shelf, this Imeuble is very good looking and suitable for your home decoration or some kind of wall decals that will bring out curiosity of friends and family.

[YankoDesign via Technabob]

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