Lego 8683 LEGO MiniFigures Series


Lego has started to offering a blind box toy to their fans in their Lego 8683 MiniFigs series. The LEGO Minifigures series containing up to 16 unique mini lego figures, which has included Tribal Hunter, Circus Clown, Magician, Deep Sea Diver, Robot, Nurse, Spaceman, Demolition Dummy, Forestman, Cowboy, Super Wrestler, Zombie, Ninja, Cheerleader, Skater and last but not least the Caveman.


Some of them even has come with their own unique accessory, such as Ninja with his samurai sword, or Circus Clown with his trumpet. You can see the details below:


As I’ve said just now. This 8683 LEGO Minifigures Series 1 is a blind box toy pack. So you will never know what you’ll be picking on the pack until you open it up after you’ve bought it. Thing like this might end up unpleasant for the guy who have to worst luck because chance is he’ll never get the final MiniFigs series no matter how many pack he have bought.

Well, I do hope that our reader is all a lucky-ass, so you guys only have to spend $1.99 USD x 16 pieces = $31.84 to get the full collection. Yep, Each of the LEGO mini figures will cost you $1.99 only.

This 8683 LEGO MiniFigures Series 1 will be available on June 2010.

[via LEGO]

Update: It’s now available! Check out the price comparison link below for more details.

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