Inklet: Instantly Turn Your Macbook Trackpad Into A Pen Tablet


Ten One Design has designed a special application that could turn your Macbook Trackpad into a Pen Tablet instantly. This app is called Inklet.

Inklet will let any pen-like object to be the pen stylus for drawing your sketch, and Pogo Sketch pen might be the most suitable pen for this purpose. The inklet will add a touch-sensitivity to Mackbook trackpad, and turn it into a cost effective pen tablet with handwriting recognition.

The Inklet supports many application like Pixelmator, Circus Ponies Notebook, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements an Corel Painter. The Inklet also eliminate soft unwanted touches on the trackpad such as your palm resting on the trackpad.

This Inklet apps is only $25 USD, and you can turn your Macbook Trackpad automatically into a cost effective drawing tablet.

[via TenOneDesign]

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