Japan Gundam Action Figure: The Guardian of Your Home

You might have seen the coolest life-sized gundam guardian of Japan’s Night. Now, the Japan’s guardian has been minified by Bandai and it’s now standing as high as a man!


This is the 1/12 size of the real one, but it’s still huge no matter what. At the hight of about 5 feet, weighs in 77 lbs and holding the beam saber just like the anime. Both head and arms are movable, which mean you can pose it as you like. It looks very interesting and perhaps lots of otakus might fall in love and want to get one for themselves. However, this 1/12 R-78-2 Gundam may cost you 315,000 Yen or about the equivalent price of $3,400 USD.

[Bandai, CrunchGear via Technabob]

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