Mario Kart RC Racer Car Series


Die-hard fans of Mario Kart? You can now play the real one instead of getting on the DS or console game version. Thinkgeek has made this Mario Kart game available for you to play as a RC Racer car and it’s coming in a series of popular characters such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser. The looks really cute and you’ll also get some accessories such as happy banana and koopa shells.



Mario Kart is the game that has destroyed relationships and forged a generation of bad drivers – and this is AWESOME. Now granted, we didn’t learn to text and drive from the Princess, but if she had a cell phone, you know what she’d be doing with it. She’d be like: “OMG, Bowser tailg8ting. G2G.” That would be the last text before she got run off the road. Or hit a poor innocent bystander. Or got kidnapped. Again.

These R/C vehicles are so tiny, you can fit the vehicle AND the remote control in the palm of your hand! Rev up your engines and have a race between Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Yoshi! They can move forward and backward and turn left and right, and even feature a “dash” button for an extra burst of speed right when you need it most. Each vehicle includes a happy banana peel and Koopa Troopa shell that can be used as obstacles on your racetrack.

Mario Kart Racer RC Car is available for $25.99 each, if you have to buy the whole set then you have to pay for $103.96. Ready to buy? hoop on to Thinkgeek to find more details!

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