ArduIMU Quascopter: The DIY Arduino Helicopter That Can Avoid Obstacles


Check out this interesting helicopter that can avoid objects in front of its flight destination. Known as the ArduIMU Quascopter, this DIY Arduino helipcoter is probably the smartest helicopter with obstacles avoidance technology. The helicopter is using nothing but four infrared sensor and one ultra sonic sensor to keep the helicopter from bumping walls or moving objects.

The creators even make the helicopter as a ‘tennis ball’ by fake hitting it left-right because the device can run on the opposite way when the frontal view is block with objects. Check out the video below for more details:

The infrared sensors has a fixed range of 1.5m, so whenever the sensor captured an object that the helicopter should avoid at the range of 1.5m, the engine will be commanded to ‘run away’ to the opposite direction.

Want to make it yourself? You can check out DIY Drones for the details instruction.

[Hack n Mod via Geeky Gadgets]

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