As Much As You Need – A Gesture Based Interaction Lighting Concept


Introduced by Hong Kue Lee, this “As Much As You Need” Lighting concept is a revolutionary idea. The concept a study lamp concept, where you can control how much light you’ll need by gesture interaction on the sensor on the body of the lamp.

As Much As You Need Light concept will let you customize which area of the light (in a horizontal line) that you need to get lit up, and which area to dim off by a slide/sweep of your fingers (thumb and index fingers) on the top sensor. This mean this lighting concept is also offering an energy saving solution for a eco-friendly lifestyle.


According to the concept, you can even control its brightness, and the length of the study lamp. The coolest lamp concept I’ve ever seen so far for saving energy and adjust the light “As Much As You Need”.

[Yanko Design via The Cool Gadgets]

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