Clean Your Dirty USB Ports With Sanwa USB Port Cleaner!


I’m not sure if you care or not, USB ports tend to get dirty easily (depend on your environment). Sometimes, the accumulated dusts in the USB port may cause error or malfunction on the USB device that has been connected to the USB port. So, it’s advisable to clean the ports regular or once you’ve seen a thick dusts nested inside the port.

Cleaning by hand or fingers is impossible, there are a lot of useful cleaning kit for computer and laptop, but I haven’t seen any solution that is as effective as this USB port cleaner from Sanwa.


Sanwa USB port cleaner gives us the dedicated solution for USB port cleansing, where you are only need plug-unplug several times to clean the inner side as clean as a brand new one.

Though the plug-unplug activity might not really clean the very end of the USB port corners, at least it can clean the important parts to solve bad connection issue. Sanwa USB port cleaner is small, designed like a flash drive and you only need to pay $17 to get one.

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