A-Data Offering Three Fashionable SH02 External Hard Drives


As the world has begun to acknowledged the important of ‘cover design’ or appearance, more manufacturers are incline to create their product in stylish design instead of the pure blank/solid color based style. A-DATA has just begun shipping their new 2.5-inch USB 2.0 external hard drives that has a fashionable and good looking design. Known as the SH02, A-DATA ships these hard drive in three models that comes in 320GB and 500GB.

Beside it’s fashionable and stylish, A-Data SH02 external hard drive is also featuring a scratch resistant case to protect the surface and it has been imprinted with 3D pattern made with IMF or In-Mold Foil technology. Hopefully, the glossy surface of A-Data SH02 external hard drives is not fingerprint magnet. As for the pricing, you can find A-Data SH02 hdd for 54.90 Euro (320GB) and 69.90 Euro (for 500GB).

[via Softpedia]

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