Moshi: The Voice Control Digital Clock Radio

Dislike the snooze button that you have to press numerous times each morning to stop the alarm bells? Well, you can now use your voice commands to either snooze or turn off the alarm clock entirely without moving your hands at all.


Moshi, the voice control digital clock radio is the alarm with built-in speech recognition sensor that will do a certain action depend on your commands. So when you are lazy waking up, just shout snooze or other programmed voice command to let the alarm clock do its job.

The clock has also featured two alarms, one digital AM/FM tuner with three AM and Three FM present, and a manual snooze control is also available in case you want to snooze it by hand.

Moshi Voice control digital clock radio also can be hooked up with iPod via line-in cable and make it as your portable iPod or other MP3 player’s 2D Stereo Surround speaker system. If you are interested, Moshi Voice Control Digital Clock Radio is available for $69.99 at Moshi.

You might also want to check out the iTalk voice alarm clockor the alarm that will wake you up using lights. It’s interesting and less annoying.

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