Transcend Outs PDU3 – The PCI Express USB 3.0 Expansion Card


In case you need to get a USB 3.0 and your motherboard is not having this latest tech built-in yet, you can get this latest peripheral from Transcend to blow some fresh winds to your desktop.

The Transcend PDU3 PCI Express USB 3.0 expansion card will adds two high-speed USB 3.0 ports that promises transfer rate at 5Gbps or about ten times faster than its predecessor USB 2.0.

Transcend PDU3 also offering backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 and the device is backed with 2 year warranty when purchased.

No idea what’s the pricing yet and when you can get one.

[FarEastGizmos via TechGeer]

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