Pros and Cons: Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer Review


We have said that the Sony Dash is available now at Amazon, but do you know what’s the benefits that you can enjoy and what’s the disadvantages that you might have to consider well before stacking your money on the table? This quick Pros and Cons review article will help you decide whether to buy or not.

Sony Dash Internet Viewer is practically a mobile device equipped with 7-inch LCD touch screen display that let you browse the web, chat with friends, view online movies, television shows, and it can play music. Sony Dash can hook up with your home network to let you connect up with your friends in the social media such as Facebook or Twitter. For more convenient features, Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer has over 1,500 free applications available to install and expand your Sony Dash to the next level.

All the good side above, now what’s the disadvantages of this MID or Mobile Internet Device? Let this Pros and Cons help you spot the good side and bad side in a quick glance:

The Pros – Benefits of Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer:

  • designed to lie flat or sit vertically
  • Pleasing UI, simple to navigate
  • 7″ colour capacitive touchscreen display with impressive brightness, contrast and horizontal viewing angles
  • WiFi support – You can hook up with your home network
  • Support many Apps – from alarmclock to picture frame. You can even go networking to facebook!
  • It has a built-in stereo speaker
  • Sony Dash has a bright and colorful screen, videos look crisp and great
  • Have night mode that dims the screen and shows only the clock
  • USB port for hardware expansion – but not supporting Flash drive yet
  • good display viewing angles – Viewing side by side is possible with this MID
  • great Netflix implementation – Watching movie is fun on this Sony Dash Thanks to the crisp screen
  • uses the Chumby widget based OS – over 1500 applications are already available, including support for popular services like Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, etc…
  • large physical menu / snooze and volume buttons

The Cons – Disadvantages of using Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer:

  • no internal battery provided – Must keep plugged to the wall outlet so it’s not a portable device
  • currently available in the US only – International market might follow up late
  • USB drives are not working yet – It’s a coming soon feature, no idea when you can activate this feature.
  • high gloss surfaces – a fingerprint magnet MID
  • Pretty bulky if I have to say, the dimension is thick and inconvenient to hold on hands.
  • Some high-level of difficulty to setting up the web access – You should be techie enough the handle this matter
  • Most internet radio stations inaccessible due to exclusive content deals.
  • No accessible internal memory
  • No Multi-Touch Function – It’s just a ‘Touchscreen’ display. It’s lame, Sony.
  • No DLNA or wireless drive access – Hooking up with other device might be difficult


Bottom Lines?

Sony Dash offers a wide range of Apps (1500+ of them) which is one of the most attractive feature it has. However, the exclusion of internal battery is also one of the biggest downside because you cannot bring it anywhere like a cell phone and it can’t live without the power outlet. It’s strange why Sony didn’t include the built-in battery.

The other plus point is the crisp screen. Although it’s not multi-touch, some users claimed that they are having a nice time watching Netflix videos through this device.

Sony Dash is probably good for your children, but it may get outdated soon as Tablet PCs with similar functionality has popping out like crazy with god’s sake low price mark (especially China’s Tablet PCs). At the level of $199.99 (compare the lowest), Sony Dash might not be able to compete with Tablet PCs in the future. However, Sony Dash might become a suitable Hi-Tech ‘Alarm clock’ for your home thanks to the 1500 applications.

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