X10 – The Cheap HD 1080p MID With Unknown Brand


It’s quite strange to hear a device being manufactured by an unknown manufacturer. Some might guessing it has a low quality because of the unknown origins and some might just ignore the product. However, This X10 is something you certainly want to check out although it’s manufactured by anonymous company. This X10 is an Mobile Internet Device (MID) that promises 1080p output although it just cost $179.99.

X10 MID is running Windows CE 6 OS instead of Android, has an HDMI output, featuring 256MB RAM, 2GB flash storage, WiFi and GPS also available. It has 7-inch touchscreen where you can display up to 800 x 480 pixel resolution. The biggest downside of this X10 MID is problem the anonymous company. You’ll literally get no customer support at all if you buy it, and I’m confused where can you get one either.

[via GadgetReview]

UPDATE: Over at Engadget, they’ve got some hands on review at Engadget China and it seems the device has a brand after all. Kinstone X10, produced by Kinstone company from China.

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  • James L. Kistner Sr.

    I bought one of these. It lost Windows CE boot information. I cannot get it to read the flash card to reload the boot info. Bought it from BigBox. Please in you are a tech at the factory, email me
    how to activate the flash card to read boot information. I have dismantled the unit and tried disconnecting the battery to change the logic, but that didn’t work. Any one else help. It was advertised as an itio, but had no markings, serial no. or owners book. The unit arrived with the boot programs in the ram root directory. Surely they should have been in Rom.

    • Herman

      Hi James – In boucht one X10 MID on a computer evenement in Antwerp.
      No accessoires, no car holder ,no car adaptor en no bag.
      It came without any software, exept the desktop and the CE 6.0 software.
      Now, two weeks later, ik was able to run the Win CE 6.0 desktop and programs, external programs from Mio systems and the GPS software iGO8 to work. Now i’m searhing how to remote desktop the X10 and PC.
      Where i came from nothing, it is now a powerful device and a great GPS tool.

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