NVIDIA Intros GTX 480M Graphic Chipset for Notebook


Dislike the market leaded by AMD with their Radeon HD, NVIDIA has announced their notebook version of GTX480M that could do a wonder in gaming on laptop environment. NVIDIA GTX 480M has features most of the advanced technologies such as CUDA, PhysX Open CL, PureVideo, Optimus-Equipped and DirectX11 compatibility.

To be more specific, NVIDIA GTX 480M GPU has 352 CUDA cores, up to 425Mhz core clock speed, 850Mhz shader clock speed, 256-bit GDDR5 memory with up to 600Mhz clock speed. NVIDIA GTX 480M is also SLI ready, which mean this chip is open to all manufacturers to produce their new gaming laptop in a dual graphic card environment.

However, you can actually count how many manufacturer out there that could possibly to get their new laptop under GTX 480M. Alienware might become the first, while others might follow behind them. However, I’m sure the price mark is also a ‘wonder’ when equipped with this full-fledged graphic card. Expect to see it standing at the level of $3000 or more on the base rigs.

[via AnandTech]

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