Save 38% on Transformers USB Accessories

transformers-usb-accessoriesFans of Transformers? Here is a great deal for you who’s looking for a transformers gadgets along with some other uses. Thinkgeek’s Transformers USB Accessories (USB flash drive or Laser Mouse model) is currently on a clearance sale!

You can get as much as 38% off, or about $30 discounted from the listed price of $79.99!

Tigatron appears now as USB storage drives capable of storing 2 gigabytes, and yet can still transform into hellaciously devastating feline beasties. Trypticon and Grimlock will now translate their horizontal positions into coordinates your computer can use as a pointer (also known as a mouse).

Granted, it’s not the most glamorous job, but they are more than capable of both handling your files and mousing duties as well as transforming into their more beastly visages for your entertainment.

Bottom line? Well, you can get them for about $49.99 after discount. No idea when the sale will end, so make sure to grab some before it’s too late.

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