Paper iPhone TV Set Created With Post-It Notes


Ricky Trickartt, a UK-based graphic artist has created a nice retro-style TV Set for iPhone using Post-It notes and a piece of £ 3.95 to buy a piece of rectangular magnifier lenses. The iPhone TV Set has a good old fashioned TV design, where at the side it has a slot for iPhone. According to the designer himself, he didn’t have a firm idea on this Paper iPhone TV Set at all. A lightning struck idea I guess, but Ricky Trickartt has taken his whole week crafting the idea and finally the Paper iPhone TV Set has born!



I’m not sure where I came up with the idea of making a little TV set to slot an iPhone into, but the thought came into my mind to use a magnifying glass lens to give it a nice curved CRT-like look to the screen. I copped this ramshackle bargain off eBay (complete with vital safety instructions) to make it out of.

Unfortunately, this Paper iPhone TV Set is not available for sale. You have to DIY yourself or you can ask Ricky Trickartt to see if he can make one for you or not. :)


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