Sushi Pillows: Delicious Fish Slices in Plush Format

Sushi-Eater? You have to check out this cool sushi pillows crafted by Thinkgeek. Although they sells stuffs for geeks, they are also selling some bizarre gadgets for living. These Sushi Pillows are their bizarre works, turning the tasty raw fish slice food from edible stuff to non-digestible food, or they’ve just transformed that Japan’s food into your cushion-friendly Sushi Pillows!


What is it about sushi that lends itself to plush? We’re not sure, but somehow seeing our favorite Japanese food turned into giant size pillows makes us smile. These Sushi pillows are hand made in the USA (a real rarity these days) by people who really really like Sushi.

Choose the delightful Shrimp Nigiri… or go for the delicious Salmon. There’s even a giant green Edamame for you to cuddle up with. But be warned, you’ll need a really big rotating sushi bar to serve up these plush morsels.


These Super Huge Sushi is going to cost you in between $44.99 to $59.99 (depend of the type). There are 5 main delicious sushi pillows, starting from Edamame, Ebi Nigiri (shrimp), Ikura Roll, Salmon Nigiri and Tuna Nigiri. Currently you can get Edamame Sushi Pillows for $44.99, which the other 4 models you’ve to wait until this July 5th for the re-stocking.

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