ABC Paper Cup – Let’s Make Words With It!


If you are a person who love about design, you might fall in love with these set of ABC paper Cup where you can make words with it! Designed by creative Koreans, ABC Paper Cup is also one of the Red Dot Design Award winner last year on 2009.

ABC Paper Cup puts an end to the boring design of disposable paper cups, which are easily confused with one another and thus users often have to take a new one. The ABC Paper Cup makes it easy to remember your cup, because it has a unique design in 14 variations, including the alphabet from A to Z. Apart from the cups with their colourful signs and letters in simple, cheerful designs there are also fun suggestions on how the ABC Paper Cups can also be used.

Check out the following video for more details:

ABC Paper Cup is currently on sale via the creator site at IaM Design. You can find more details there, however, you have to understand Korean before you can read anything there. :)

[via TheDieLine]

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