C3X Lumis: Whopping $80,000 3D Home Projector!

If you have a pile of money to burn (read: spend), I’m sure this C3X Lumis 3D Projector is going to make you exciting. Spend $80,000 and you can bring this 3D projector by Sim2 back to your home! :)


However, what the heck has made this 3D projector THAT expensive?! According to Sim2, their plain looking C3X Lumis 3D projector is actually very “sophisticated”. CX3 Lumis 3D projector host some superior features such as 3x Dark Chip 4, Hyper-Color, Dual Projector 3D in LUMIS 3D, and other jargon that you don’t want to hear.

In short, Sim2 C3X Lumis 3D projector promises a never seen projected image result, where it has the most realistic color and image. This C3X Lumis 3D projector also introduce the passive 3D technology to a small professional theaters or high-end home cinemas. However, you have to pay $80,000 (yeah, that much!) for a projector. It’s really not a valid blueprint if you want to own one while you are living from paycheck to paychecks. Only for those who born in a rich family could actually take a look at those 3D home Projector…

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