Mad Catz Touchscreen LiteTouch Wireless Keyboard With 3 Modes LCD Touchscreen Numpad

Looking for a wireless keyboard with integrated mouse and touchscreen panel? Well, it did sounds impossible if you are asking for such a keyboard 3 or 4 years ago. However, for the nowadays technology, creating such a keyboard is possible!


Mad Catz the Touchscreen Litetouch keyboard that has all of the function that you need. In fact, we have introduced this cool keyboard to you on March 2010!

It’s slim, wireless, has integrated mouse (trackball mouse) and clicks, has touchscreen panel (the numpad area) that has 3 special mode. Mad Catz Touchcreen LiteTouch keyboard is probably the best low-profile keyboard with scissor keys. However, it’s sad it doesn’t have a backlight in the keys so you won’t be able to use it in the dark.

UPDATE: It seems we have been misinformed. The keyboard HAS a backlit keys called TrueView. Thanks to our reader who’ve suggested this correction.


Mad Catz Touchscreen LiteTouch Keyboard is using 2.4GHz wireless technology, where you can still use the keyboard 30 feet / 10 meters away from the receiver.

The main attraction is on the right side. Yes, the touch screen LCD that has substituted the usual numpad keys. The touchscreen display has three modes: The usual number pad, a media control combination, and MyEclipse mode that you can customize the buttons to your liking.

Currently, Mad Catz Touchscreen LiteTouch keyboard is selling for $130 at GameShark Store. It’s way cheaper if you are comparing with the Optimus Maximus Keyboard.

You can also get the wired version if you want to save $30. :)

[Eclipse via Wired]

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  • Swisslakes

    it got a back light keys and internal battery, i actually typing using the Eclipse II Back light model for almost two years

  • Stephen Sunil

    Never go for this keyboard.

    Following are the issues I had with this keyboard

    a) mouse strucks most of the time.
    b) Keys hangs and sometime replicates the keys pressed.
    c) Is not compatible in IE browser. Shift + trackball doesn’t scroll in IE rather it navigates to the previous page visited in that session.
    d) trackball sometimes not responding. feel like it is touch the circuit properly.
    e) LCD panel lock, locks even the battery indicator due to which you will not know whether you keyboard is getting charged or not.
    f) Touch sensitive is not that good or bad, very fair.

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