Corsair AirFlow Pro Memory Parametric Data Display


AirFlow Pro, a new accessory made for Overclocker to detect their PC’s memory activities has been rolled out by Corsair. This new accessory is pretty uncommon, named as the AirFlow Pro Memory Parametric Data Display, it contains a bunch of LED display that would light on and off accordingly to indicates memory activity and voltage.

This Corsair AirFlow Pro can be fitted to some compatible Corsair Dominator memories that has the built-in DHX Pro technology.

The AirFlow Pro will be installed above the memory modules, and it can read up to 6 RAMs at the same time. The Corsair AirFlow Pro is also coming with two fans that act as the cooler that blows cool air down directly from above the RAMs.


According to our source, Corsair AirFlow Pro parametric display will be available in Summer 2010. It shouldn’t be a long wait.

[Via Fareast Gizmos]

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