Munitio’s Teknines SiFR 500 – The 18K Gold Plated Earphones

Munitio, a popular company in creating a lifestyle electronics accessories in San Diego has created a new masterpiece of earphone coated with 18K gold. With their 20 years of experiences, their new Teknines SiFR 500 earphone is something for hardcore audiophiles to brag about.


Munitio Teknines SiFR 500 18K gold pated earphones is shaped like a bullets, while the earphone tip is covered with a soft rubber called Silicone Hollow Points that will provides superb comfort for your ears and noise isolating technology on a lower volume levels.


Betting on their 20 years of experience, Munitio promises and they also make a guarantee that theyr Teknines SiFR 500 can deliver the most superior sound and quality. Although it haven’t released yet, Munitio has award their own product as a “MasterPiece”. It will appear in the market tomorrow on June 9th carrying the following specs:

  • Machined copper alloy housing, plated in 18k gold providing unmatched sound purity, natural noise cancellation and durability
  • Kevlar(R) reinforced fabric cable combining light-weight with high strength to protect the premium copper wire from stretching and shorting
  • 24k Gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug providing exceptional audio signaltransfer
  • Compatible with most leading industry Mp3 and PDA devices
  • BassEnhancingChamber technology to ensure accurate bass without distortion
  • 9mm speaker drivers are made from earth neodymium magnets
  • Custom-tune AccousticSoundFlowSystem technology – ensure the smoothest mid for high frequency response
  • Frequency Response: 12Hz-22kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98db +/- 3db at 1kHz
  • Rated Power: 3mW
  • Max Input Power: 10mW
  • Munitio Teknines 18K gold coated earphone is going to be available in 500 sets only. Each set is numbered and properly sealed with Munitio authentication code to ensure its originality.

    When it become available tomorrow, Munitio Teknines 18K Gold plated earphones will cost $250 a pop.

    [via TheCoolGadgets]

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