Espresso Maker Concept That Dock Android Phone, Scan QR-Code And Play Music


An interesting concept for coffee addicts has been created by In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song for Metatrend Institute. Although the usefulness is questionable, however, the espresso maker might give you a good time hearing a random selected songs based on the QR code printed on the coffee cartridges.

Each time you want to taste a cup of coffee, you’ll have to drop a piece of coffee cartridge into the provided slot. While dropping to the machine, the cartridge will go through some sort of QR scanner inside the espresso maker and the device will translate the code into a songs that will be played on the Android phone docked above the machine. Guess what, this device might have to stay connected to the WiFi network, or even use the Android Phone to get the internet access.



The songs will be played according to the QR code in the cartridge, so perhaps it’s useless to complain whatever songs played for your morning. So I can say, this device is fairly useful, and people might just go to buy a iPod dock placed beside their coffee maker if they really want to hear songs.

[YankoDesign via Geeky Gadgets, askAlexia]

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