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Starr Labs Rock Controller Double As A Real Guitar

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We have seen lots of Guitar Hero Controllers, but haven’t yet to seen one that is so cool like this Starr Lab Rock Controller. Beside treating it as a gaming controller for playing guitar-driven games, Starr Labs Rock Controller is also can be treated as a real guitar.


The controller features bunch of color-coded touch sensitive fingerboard with patented 14 fret. It also has 6 zero-latency string triggers that looks just like a real guitar, a whammy bar, 4-way joystick, and two select buttons.

According to our source, Starr Labs Rock Controller is also compatible with both PC and Mac via a USB port. However, we have no idea how much this model will cost you. Judging from their other versions (a Spring sale is available right now), the pricing should be on the thousands dollar mark.


Rock Controller Key Benefits

• Advanced game controlling features for existing and future guitar/music video games
• Support for all major music video game titles on computers and gaming consoles
• Based on proven and patented technology from Starr Labs Inc’s 20 years of experience
• Full 14 fret color-keyed touch sensitive fingerboard for real guitar playing
• Positive action fingerboard buttons with great tactile feel
• Full MIDI and USB functionality for advanced game and music performance
• Looks and feels like a real musical instrument (because it IS!)
• Perfect for learning to play guitar and advanced MIDI control
• Motion sensor (accelerometer functions)
• Easy and intuitive playability, fun to use!

[via ChipChick]
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