Let’s Hope It’s True: Sony PS3 for $199 Only!

sony-ps3-3d-console-will-be-199-onlyHere is an interesting rumor spread by MaxConsole as they’ve captured an errors or mistype on Sony’s latest 3D world page in Sonystyle.com.

According to their fact and information, Sony PS3 will be priced at $199 instead of the usual $299! Is it true or not, we don’t know. After all, after MaxConsole captured the errors, Sony has deleted the pricing on their PS3 with 3D capability.

The $199 is listed as a starting price that looks reasonable since PS3 competitors (Xbox 360 and Wii) has lowered their console price to $199 only. However, Sony didn’t make any response to the price drop fact yet.

We could really expect some surprises on E3 exhibition next week. let’s hope Sony will announce the new pricing on that exhibition! :)

[via MaxConsole]

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