Pro and Cons: Mini Projector with WiFi Wireless Remote Review


Chinavasion sent us one mini projector with WiFi capability recently. This projector has been covered by us in the past, but finally we can hands on review the mini projector and exposing the pros/cons to you. In case you want to have one of this mini projector, this article will be useful feedback for you before betting your money.

This mini Projector with WiFi is practically small and handy for traveling. You can have your own big screen entertainment anywhere you are as long as you’ve got a big wide white wall for the projection. Chinavasion Mini Projector with WiFi featuring a LED projector head, compact form factor (L:137mm x W:77mm x D:23mm), can connect to local WiFi b/g, Internal li-ion battery, a practical wireless remote control and many other features such as weather report, clock, internet radio, web video, and so on.

It might looks quite intriguing, however, after testing for weeks, we have come down to the following conclusion in Pros and Cons descriptions.

The Pros – Benefits of Chinavasion Mini Projector with WiFi and Wireless Remote:

  • Hooking up with WiFi Network is easy – detect both 802.11b and 802.11g
  • has a small form factor, lightweight for carry around in your laptop bag
  • A built-in SDHC card reader
  • A USB port provided for reading external sources like HDD or Flash Drive
  • Projected image is clean and sharp when projected image is about 32-inch large
  • You can watch Youtube easily using the built-in player
  • It has a weather report in 7 big countries
  • The wireless remote is very useful for search input
  • Has come with a mini tripod – very useful for repositioning the projection

The Cons – Disadvantages of Benefits of Chinavasion Mini Projector with WiFi and Wireless Remote:

  • Screen size about 32-inch an beyond is starting to get darker as the light is 10 LUMENS only
  • No Playback functions for web videos
  • The LED based lamp can get hot easily
  • Has AV-Out but no AV-IN port
  • The fan get noisy after 15 minutes of usage
  • The Wireless Remote is not so responsive


This mini projector with WiFi from Chinavasion score 3.5 stars from us. Although it’s a small form factor and traveler friendly, the biggest drawback that we have found while testing this puppy out is on the connection (port) problem. There is no AV IN port for injecting source from Laptop or external sources such as gaming consoles and DVD Players.

So if you need to play something on this Projector, you can only use the USB port that only detects USB Drives, or you can store your media files to an SDHC card and play them back on the projector.

More drawback is on the internet video playback function. Although it supports Youtube (as well as Tudou and Tudou HD), you can’t control the movie playback like you could on your web browser. All you can do is to “play” or “stop”. :)

The last drawback is on the display. As it advertised, this LED mini projector can display up to 70-inch screen size. However, screen size beyond 32-inch is getting blur and darker. The best viewable screen size is below 32-inch where you can get an acceptable brightness level.

If you can accept those drawbacks, you can head on over to Chinavasion to find the detail specs and features, or watch closely to our weekly giveaway contest as this puppy is going to be the prize of this week’s contest! :)


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    Would love to win this sweet prize in the color silver. Would be put to good use.


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