Bye Bye Project Natal, Welcome Kinect!

Project natal is probably one of the most waited gadget for gamers in this year E3 exhibition. Yesterday Microsoft has done a pre-E3 exhibition where they’ve finally reveal the true name of their new toy! It’s time to say bye-bye to Project Natal and welcoming the Microsoft Kinect, as well as a new XBox 360 console that looks very ‘Alienware’! :)


It’s been a hot news since yesterday and today at the E3, Engadget has obtained a whole lot of information on the new Xbox 360 console and Microsoft Kinect. Instead of reposting them here, you can head on over to engadget’s Summary on the new Xbox 360 and Kinect.

In short, Microsoft Kinect is going to chance the way you play a game. From full body interaction to voice control. From Video chatting to online video watching with the chatter! Microsoft has certainly make a big show this time.

According to the information, Microsoft Kinect will be available exactly on November 4th, while the new Slim Xbox 360 has been shipped to retailers. The slim Xbox 360 will cost $299, while Kinect is set on $149 only. It sounds like an affordable pricing even for a middle earner. :)

[via Engadget]

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