Nintendo on E3: New Nintendo 3DS, But Sadly No Wii HD


The most wanted news on this year’s E3 event on Nintendo is about the appearance of both Nintendo Wii HD and 3DS. However, the truth said that there is only one of the appeared while the other remain unknown. The Nintendo 3DS was the one that appeared to the public, while there is no news that Nintendo will develop their Wii into HD 1080i or not.

The rumor of 3d glass-less and 3d on/off switch turned out to be a true information. The Prototype of Nintendo 3DS in E3 exhibition showed a slider of the 3D depth where you can adjust the depth of the 3D effect to the maximum or just switch it off by sliding the slider to the lowest. As for the glasses-free technology, there is no information yet whether Nintendo 3DS is using Parallax Barrier Technology or not. However, Engadget crews said that the 3.5-inch screen’s really popped out without wearing any 3D Glasses. But once you change your view perspective, the 3D effect will go off, and you’ll have to readjust your eyes by adapting to the new perspectives again.


The Nintendo 3DS also featuring a new analog stick called Slide Pad that feels quite comfortable (in comparison to PSP’s analog stick), There’s also an accelerometer and a gyroscope, dual camera lens at the cover for taking 3D pictures and other interactions on supportive games in the future. To tell the truth, Nintendo 3DS is not much different than the DSi or DSi XL model. Just a few whistles and bells added, and with more power added to the core. The quality of the games displayed at the live Nintendo keynote in E3 is Wii-level or perhaps iPad-standard of graphic quality.

Just a note. The picture above is only a prototype model according to the explanation by Nintendo (look at minutes 3:43) on the following video (Probably the features or shape will be getting revised to something else when officially launched):

[via Engadget]

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