Save $82 on Canon PowerShot S90 IS 10MP Digital Camera

canon-powershot-s90-digital-cameraAbe’s of Maine has a great deal on their digital camera. You can now save up to $82 on Canon PowerShot S90 IS 10MP digicam, where it has successfully slashed off the listed price of $429.99 to $347.95! That’s is the best deal that we have found (compare it).

The pocketable PowerShot S90 gives powerful everyday shooting. Shoot quickly with a lens control ring and get superior low-light performance with a high-sensitivity 10.0 MP CCD and f/2.0 lens. A high-sensitivity CCD sensor gives outstanding image quality in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Even images taken at high ISOs show exceptionally low noise levels and a wide dynamic range. A bright f/2.0 aperture allows exceptional versatility, capturing low-light images and fast-moving subjects at higher shutter speeds. A wide angle of 28mm lets you put more in the frame, while Canon’s optical IS reduces blur caused by camera shake.

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