PS3 Accessory: Vogel TwistDock Docks Console and Controllers, Adds Port Expansions


A new accessories for PS3 is not just the big glowing ball controller (a.k.a. Playstation Move) revealed at E3. The Vogel TwistDock for PS3 is also a masterpiece for PS3 owner (both Slim and Fat model). Vogel TwistDock is not only functional as your console safety docker, it also dock your PS3 controllers, charge them and giving more USB ports (up to 4 USB ports) in case the default ports is not enough for you.

However, it’s sad that Vogel TwistDock will not hit the store any time sooner. Our source only stated that the PS3 Accessory will be available in the holiday season, but no idea which season it is.

[via GG]

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