BarCode TrashCan Concept by Woo Seok Park


Woo Seok Park has designed a high-tech trash can called “BarCode TrashCan” that could automatically separate trashes based on the material or organic factor. According to Woo Seok Park, a trashcan should be smart enough the differentiate waste that could be recycled or non-recyclable to speed up the process of trash classification in the factory. The BarCode TrashCan will scan each trash thrown into the can, and separate them into two storage (it should have two storage inside the trash can.

Pretty a green thought and design, however, it’s unknown on how the scanner will work separating banana from plastic if they have no barcode at all.

[Yanko via Walyou and TCG]

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  • Pretty cool concept and I can see where it works with potential great potential on the things have barcodes. But similar to what is questioned above, what about that organic manner that does have it or like in my situation were I pull the cardboard off the the attached bubble platic and several pieces may end up with out a barcode some of which are recyclable and some of which are not.

  • wao…
    great product :)
    I think many people hope have this product.

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